About Wordsmith Group

Wordsmith Group is a professional writing consultancy that helps you say the right things. With a trained team of passionate and highly-skilled communications specialists, we offer a complete range of services to suit every writing need: writing, editing, proofreading and researching. We are experienced in delivering writing needs across a variety of business applications and creative works.

Saying the right thing is important to you and your work. With Wordsmith Group you will say the right things.

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Wordsmith Group is a professional writing consultancy that was formally established in Brisbane, Australia in 2015. It operates as an e-business, offering comprehensive writing services for both business and creative applications. We have a highly-qualified and well-trained team of skilful writing specialists whose passion is words. Their focus is using them in the right ways to engage, inform, connect, persuade, attract, entertain or anything else you need to be doing with your clients.

Our vision – to help people communicate clearly, concisely and with effect every time.

Our purpose – to help clients say the right things.

Our values – people (we understand and cater explicitly to your needs; we value your time and make efficient use of ours); professionalism (we perform, and complete, your work with the highest levels of expertise and effectiveness); performance (we help you achieve your communication goals and ensure mutually profitable interactions)

Writing Services
  • Writing Services include: writing; editing; proofreading; researching
Business Applications & Creative Works
  • Business Applications include: press release; newsletter; e-magazine; book; news; feature article; copywriting; brochure/catalogue; advertisement; product review; website; prospectus; annual report; company/staff profile; business plan; presentation; tender/proposal; manual; report; letter; template; speech; ghost-writing; personal document (resume; statement; other)
  • Creative Works include: novel; short story; non-fiction work; script; opinion column; blog; speech; letter