About Portal Lodge No 444 UGLQ – Freemasons Queensland

Freemasons are a diverse group of men from all walks of life, from many religions and many backgrounds. Becoming a Freemason is a commitment to develop your own potential, to values that see all humankind as equal, and to helping others in our community.

Portal Lodge was formed on the 17 May 1955 by a representation of Old Boys and Masters of Brisbane Boys' College who were Freemasons. It was named Portal Lodge symbolically to link it with the main entrance portal of the school and the beginning of learning and knowledge.

The founding members of Portal Lodge were – G F Bennett, J B Buchanan (Staff), W McMahon (Staff), R L Gough, E W Heindorf, J R Allan, D J Hoare, D O Cowlishaw, D C Wynne N J Wright, H G Milner, J B Young and M C James. The first candidate to be initiated into the Lodge was the Headmaster at the time, Dr T R McKenzie.  Another Headmaster, Graham Thomson was admitted into the Lodge while a Master at the school and remained a member for many years.

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Since the first Queensland Lodge was founded in 1859, Freemasons have been an integral part of the state’s life.

Over 7500 members and 280 Lodges in Queensland. Freemasons Queensland is the umbrella name for the independent Lodges (local Freemasonry groups) in Queensland and the United Grand Lodge of Queensland in Brisbane.

Today, we are active in most of the state’s towns and regions, in city and bush, mentoring men and working to lead and support community initiatives that change lives for the better.

Much of the secrecy of former times has gone and you’ll find Freemasons are just ordinary men willing to speak about their values and ready to lend a helping hand.

Key Services
  • Male Role Model Development
  • Self-Improvement
  • Mentoring
  • Mateship