About OLÉ Mexican Foods (Australasia)

Since 1988 when the Moreno family began OLÉ Mexican Foods, our La Banderita tortillas have grown to become recognised worldwide as the freshest, softest and best-tasting tortillas! Our Corn & Flour tortillas are deliciously authentic Mexican with product ranges in Retail and the Foodservice sectors. Now the 2nd largest producer of tortillas in USA, our tortillas are sold coast to coast across North America; many countries in Central and South America; as well as our business in Australasia.

OLÉ Mexican Foods (Australasia), is owned and managed by Stu Richardson, as the sole importer, marketer and distributor of La Banderita tortillas and OLÉ Mexican Food products for Asia Pacific. 

We are proud to be at the centre of your table and at the heart of your authentic Mexican experience with family and friends!

Contact us today on 07 3376 2712 / labanderita@mobu.com.au for your nearest stockist in Australia; to find the best La Banderita foodservice distributor; or for some samples as a member of the BBC Community.

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