About Hundred Acre Bar - Hillstone St Lucia

If you’ve already visited hundred acre bar, you’ll have experienced the unique and cherished aspects of this beautiful restaurant. The building is multi-level with five charming floors that are equally as warm and welcoming. As you work your way up from the first floor up to the Rooftop Terrace, you’ll experience the spirit of the place that has come from generations of visitors that have celebrated here.

The food is simply delicious, but it’s a restaurant that offers much more than just great meals and drinks. It has a distinctive atmosphere and unrivalled décor, with over 360 plants decorating the place (a true revolution). And then there’s the open view – more than 100 acres of manicured greens that exhale amazing breezes up the hill.

Above all else, hundred acre bar is a celebration of culture. The dining experience (wet weather plan covered) features an exciting selection of meals made from the freshest ingredients. Served by our friendly team, the only thing guests need to focus on is who they invite to dinner.

Children love running around outdoors, book clubs congregate monthly in the Living Room, family and friends dine over long lunches, and golfers nest after their course outing. There truly is something for everyone.

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St Lucia Golf Links is located 7 km west of Brisbane City on the corner of Indooroopilly Road and Carawa Street and is easily accessed by bus, rail and road.